John Altieri papers    

  Health – Civic, Political, Communirty Studies

  Paper Files – Sheets

HIV/AIDS reference and resources for Rochester community;  news and scientific journal coverage of HIV/AIDS; project information on MSM Project; t-shirts from various events and organizations; other reference on gay community; 1973-2007 HIV/AIDS reference and resources for Rochester community; HIV/AIDS reference and resources from organizations outside of Rochester; poster and programs from various events and organizations; other reference on gay community; 1984–2014


Anti-Violence Programs – Gay Alliance –

Health – Civic, Political, Communirty Studies

  Paper Files – Sheets

This is an advocacy program of the Gay Alliance to provide support for LGBTQ victims of domestic violence, spousal abuse, harassment in the workplace, and violent assaults.

The anti-Violence Program archives consists of planning sessions for educational workshops on domestic violence, advocacy strategies, logs of hot.


Backstreets Photo Collection

  Gender and Sexuality

  Photographic Prints – Color – Polaroids

         111 photographs depicting a range of drag performers who appeared at

Backstreets, a popular venue in the 1980s.


Pam Barres Collection, 1991-1998  – 

 Gender and Sexuality

 Paper Volumes

1) Transgender newsletters from groups outside of Rochester

Journal of the Boulton & Park Society issues, The EON Accord, issues

Paper Files

2) Same-Sex Couple Adoption in Monroe County, New York, 1993-1996


Pat Cloonan Collection

 Civic, Political, Communirty Studies

 Paper Volumes

1) Let Freedom Ring,

2)  gay games and

 Paper File – sheets

3) gay rights papers








Sue Cowell Collection –

Health – Civic, Political, Communirty Studies

 Electronic Digital – Files – sheets – leaves

             Sue Cowell was a mover and shaker.  Her curriculum vitae reads as a

Who’s Who in Rochester.  Beginning as a nurse practitioner at U of R she

worked to open the first AIDS Clinic at St. Mary’s, founded AIDs Rochester,

served on  the Rochester Area Task Force On AIDS.  She was a political

activist who organized and ran Tim Mains’ first and subsequent campaigns,

worked on Louise Slaughter’s Campaign, was a delegate to the 1996 and 2000

Democratic conventions, founding member of ESPA in Upstate NY, and served

as president of the Gay Alliance Board and as Executive Director.


Crossdresser/Transvestite Newsletters

  Gender and Sexuality, Communications and Linguistics, Humanities Education,

  Cultural Studies

   Paper Volumes

10 years of Newsletters from the Crossdresser Rochester Community


David Emert and Jon Templin Collection

 Cultural Studies

 Paper Files


1) Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus programs and posters

2) ImageOut festival Programs,

3) pin Collection,  Names Project booklet,

4) Pink Flamingos and Purple Hearts Conference Program


Empty Closet Photograph Collection

 Communication and Linguistics, Humanities Education, Cultural Studies,

  Civic, Political, Community Studies

  Photographic Prints – B&W

      3386 paper newspaper photographs from the years 1974 – 2004 from the archives

of the Empty Closet (EC), published by the Gay Alliance since 1974:


Green Thursday Tapes  1972 – 1974 Radio program on WCMF –

Communication and Linguistics, Humanities Education

   Sound Discs

Bruce Jewel hosted Lesbian Nation and Green Thursday – midnight – 1pm

The first radio program on a commercial station in the United States geared

exclusively to the LGBT community.


Joan Guiffre Collection, 1977-2000

   Gender and Sexuality, Literary Humanities

   Paper Volumes

   Video Cassete and Discs

1) Black Rose Productions – plays on LGBT issues – cultural

2) Lesbian business, GAGV, and gay community organization materials

3) “Women’s Year Conference in Houston, 1977” –

sociology – women’s studies



Helping People With AIDS – HPA

   Health  Civic, Political, community Studies

   Paper Files  

Meeting Agendas and minutes

       Grass roots organization to raise money for PWAs, AIDS Rochester, and CHN


Kevin Indovino –

 Gender and Sexuality, Humanities education, Cultural Studies, Health

 Civic, Political, Community Studies

 Paper Files and Volumes

      AIDS Remembrance Garden Collection, 1990-2004

Portfolio 1 – AIDS Remembrance Garden oversized planning drawings and layout;

additional oversized ephemera; c. 1992-1999

Box – AIDS Remembrance Garden administrative information, legal/tax documents,

Book of Life information, correspondence, programs, news clippings, drawings,

photographs, and related ephemera; c. 1990-2004


  1. Kasprzyk AKA Nancy Ann Howes Collection

 Gender and Sexuality,

 Paper Files, Volumes

 Photographic Scrapbooks and Binders

      1) Rochester CD (Crossdresser)  Network

Scrapbooks, accessories, pictures of women

Paper Volumes

2) 10 years of Newsletters


Lambda Amateur Radio Club

 Communication and Linguistics, Humanities education, Cultural Studies

 Paper Files

The Lambda Amateur Radio Club (LARC,) established in 1984, was the first        international organization for GLBT amateur radio operators.  The Lambda Amateur        Radio Club (LARC) is an international, non-profit organization of amateur radio        operators (hams), short wave radio listeners, and persons interested in amateur        radio,electronics and computers most of whom are members of sexual minorities.

Magazine Serial collections –  

  All Themes

  Paper Volumes


Out etc


Anthony Mascioli Collection  – at Brockport

  Literary Humanities, Cultural Studies

  Paper Files

       Anthony Mascioli was born in Rochester, NY and moved to New York City and

with his cousin Robert DeBenedictus opened the Wall Street Sauna and the

West Side Sauna.  His entrepreneurial spirit encouraged and supported many

people to reach for the stars and to never give up.


Norris “Bud” Minard –

Cultural Studies

Paper Files

Personal memories, memorabilia of gay community events, news clippings, correspondence, and notes.  Bud supported the musical duo – Jason & DeMarco.  Getting them to come to Rochester often.  Jason and deMarco met in 2001 in Hollywood, California. Before launching their duo act, deMarco was a lead in the international touring company of the musical “California Dream Men” and Jason was a Christian artist in mainline traditional Gospel groups, and then as a solo artist touring mostly through Metropolitan Community Church, gay-accepting churches. The duo released their first album together, The Spirit of Christmas, in 2002 followed by 2003’s Songs for the Spirit. In 2004, they appeared on the cover of The Advocate magazine with their new album Spirit Pop.


Miss Gay Rochester Pageant Video Tapes

 Gender and Sexuality

 Video Cassette and Disc

30 videotapes documenting thirty years of “Miss Gay Rochester,” an annual pageant that for many years was a key social event within the community and which also document most of the region’s drag performers in the modern era.


     Karen Monast collection –

       Civic, Political, Community Studies

       Paper Files

1993 March on Washington and marriage equality materials.

Clothing, pins, memorabilia, photographs of 1993 March on Washington; clothing,

pins, stickers, photographs on Marriage Equality New York and GAGV. Also three

books. c. 1990-2014


John Noble Collection

 Gender and Sexuality, Civic, Political, Community Studies, Cultural Studies

 Paper Files, Sheets, and Volumes

       Documents the CETA controversy, Dignity-Integrity history, founding member of

The Empire Bears, a variety of gay newsletters, and a collection of periodicals

including the Advocate, Body Politic, New York Native, etc.

NYS Lesbian and Gay Lobby

Rochester Gay Task Force

Rochester Lesbian and Political Caucus

Serial collections – Gay community News (Boston), The Native (biweekly NYCity)


Pat & Karen to Kathleen Moleski – 19th century views of sexuality

 Civic, Political, Community Studies

 Paper Sheets and files

           Sonnets to Duse and other poems, Black is … .Black Ain’t  Biography of

Marion Piggs, The Black List, Boston Marriage and Cultural news, Rainbow

confusion’s The Out List, Queers in history, Notable Lesbians of All Color list






Tom Privitere Papers – Political

  Humanities Education, Civic, Political, Community Studies

  Paper Files and Sheets

Pride At Work, Domestic partnership papers, GLSEN, Rainbow Democrats, One

Nation Rally, Equality Leadership Conference, ESPA papers.


Kathie Reilly papers   sociology – women’s studies

  Gender and Sexuality, Civic, Political, Community Studies

  Paper Files and Sheets

  Photographic Prints

Topfree materials [legal documents, news articles, newspapers, newsletters, notes, photographs, handouts, flyers, other reference]; C.L.A.W. (Challenging Laws and Attitudes against Women) materials [brochures, letters, membership information, publicity, reference]; 1984-1991


Rochester Area Task Force On AIDS – Political – Health

   Health, Cicic, Political, Community Studies

   Paper Files and Sheets

All records relate to Rochester Area Task Force on AIDS (RATFA) events,

history, and financials. These three boxes of records came into holding at

Trillium from Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency in 2013.

RATFA records at Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency as well.


Rochester Custom Leathers

 Communication and Linguistics


     Began the multi-com internet connection for gay men. Chaz Antonelli, webmaster


Rainbow SAGE

 Gender and Sexuality, Civic, Political, Community Studies, Cultural Studies

 Paper Files and sheets

 Photographic Prints – B&W and Color

SAGE Rochester, a program of the Gay Alliance, is a voice for Rochester’s older

gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, and intersex adults.

SAGE Archives consit of scrapbooks, organizational records, event flyers


Tim Sally – Politics

  Gender and Sexuality, Humanities Education, Cultural Studies

  Civic, Political Community Studies,

  Paper Volumes and Sheets

1) Campaign materials for Tim O. Mains,

2) Pamphlets for gay rights organizations and projects,

3) 1978-1984, AIDS proclamations, info and events 1983-1984,

4) Diversity and Inclusion papers 2008 :


Shoulders to Stand On – Documentary

 All Humanity’s Themes

 Paper Files and Sheets

Meeting Agendas and Minutes,

Fundraising Activities,

Filming dates



Rev. Walter Szymanski –

 Humanities Education, Cultural Studies

 Paper Files and Sheets

      Correspondence to begin his ministry to members of the Episcopal and

Catholic churches who were aslso gay Dignity – Integrity Rochester related

Papers 1977 – 1983  Dignity/Integrity was chartered in 1975.  The Rochester

Chapter of D/I Is the only chapter which is both Episcopal and Catholic.


Anne Tischer and Bess Watts – Social Science

 Gender and Sexuality, Humaities Education, Civic, Political, Community Studies

 Paper Files

 Photographic Prints – Color

      Marriage Equality Collection

Organization material for MENY, posters signs, pins, pictures, stickers

Gay rights issues and resources, 1984-2013 [4″ expandable folder, contains news

articles, publications, resource information, meeting minutes, annotations]; interior

folders include: chronological files, 2010-2013 Pride At Work papers, Family Portrait

Storytelling Project photos


Video collections

All Humanity’s Themes

  Video cassette and Disc

Gay Alliance – commercial and local documentary videos




Whitey LeBlanc –

  Civic, Political, Community Studies  Cultural Studies

  Paper files and Sheets

       Notes and planning information for GAGV Community Picnics in Monroe County,

  1. 1974-1980.


Youth Group – Gay Alliance

Civic, Political, Community Studies Cultural Studies

  Paper files and Sheets

The Gay Alliance Youth Program is dedicated to empowering LGBTQ youths, ages

13-20, to reach their fullest potential by providing a safe environment in which to

explore their identity, learn important life skills and to develop and practice

leadership skills.

Youth program archives consist of Agendas and Minutes of their leadership team,

planning for events, such as the Day Of Silence and Coming Out Day.


Rainbow Dialogues Collections

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