Series X: Tim Sally, 1978-1985

Scope and Contents

This series documents the activities of Tim Sally, Rochester,

New York based LBGTQ activist. The majority of the

material is related to Sally’s campaign efforts to elect Tim

  1. Mains as a Rochester City Council member and includes

newspaper articles, correspondence, speeches, campaign

materials, and correspondence. Other topics include pamphlets

and flyers for gay rights organizations and projects such as,

churches position on the LGBTQ community, HIV/AIDS, and

a pamplet for teens thinking about coming out to their parents.

Biographical Note

Born and raised in Rochester, Tim Sally was active in the

1970’s and 1980’s with Dignity-Integrity, and was a cofounding

member of PFLAG/Rochester and AIDS/ Rochester.

In 1983 he moved to San Francisco to work for AIDS

organizations and since 1985, under the pseudonym of Tim

Hammond, he has researched circumcision customs and

advocated for protecting children’s genital autonomy. He

conducted two groundbreaking surveys of long-term harm

to men from infant circumcision, co-founded the National

Organization of Restoring Men, and produced ‘Whose Body,

Whose Rights? (a PBS documentary on circumcision), and cofounded

the Children’s Health and Human Rights Partnership

of Canada, as well as an activist group in Palm Springs,

California, where he now lives.

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Guide to the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley Collection 2017.028

– Page 18-

Tim Hammond is a grassroots human rights activist who has

been involved in numerous social change movements. As a

teenager conscientiously opposed to fighting in Vietnam, he

wrote copious letters to Congress urging an immediate end to

the war.

Tim has been committed to Congressional passage of the

U.S. Peace Tax Fund Bill, which would re-direct the military

portion of one’s taxes (currently 50% of every dollar spent by

the U.S. government) toward life-sustaining human services.

He was active in raising public consciousness about women’s

rights and the need for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

In 1987 Tim was among hundreds of men and women arrested

on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to protest its decision

to uphold states’ rights to legislate private sexual behavior

among consenting adults in their own home (a decision the

Court ultimately reversed in 2003).He was a member of the

Children’s Rights Network of Amnesty International/USA

and a member of the National Organization on Male Sexual

Victimization (now

1976-1983 – Member of Dignity-Integrity/Rochester,

New York, a ministry to local Catholic and Episcopal

gays, lesbians, their families and friends. He served in

various volunteer capacities ranging from administrative

assistant, newsletter editor, fundraiser, hotline volunteer,

and special events coordinator.

1981 – Co-founding member of PFLAG (Parents and

Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

1982 – Organizer of the first annual Day of Remembrance

of gay/lesbian victims of the Holocaust.

1983 – Co-founder of AIDS Rochester.

1983 – Recipient of the Vinnie Cup, awarded annually

by the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley for

outstanding service to the Rochester (NY) lesbian and

gay community.

1983 – Founding task force member of CREATE: Justice,

a project of the Presbytery of the Genesee Valley to

promote social justice issues affecting lesbians and gay


1984-1987 – Administrative Assistant of the AIDS Health

Project, an agency of the University of California/San

Francisco providing psychosocial support to those with

AIDS and at-risk of infection.

1989 – Co-founded the National Organization of

Restoring Men (NORM), an international network of

groups offering moral and technical support to men

seeking foreskin restoration.

1992 – Founder of the National Organization to Halt the

Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males (NOHARMM),

a non-violent, educational and direct-action network of

men working together to end routine infant circumcision

Guide to the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley Collection 2017.028

– Page 19-

through a model of education and empowerment of other


1993 – Survey

Coordinator of Awakenings: A

Preliminary Poll of Circumcised Men, an ongoing

grassroots investigation of the long-term adverse

physical, sexual and psychological outcomes to men of

infant circumcision.

1995 – Produced Whose Body, Whose Rights? A PBS


1999 – Author, A Preliminary Poll of Men Circumcised

in Infancy or Childhood. British Journal of Urology

International (83, Suppl. 1) January 1999, pp. 85-92.

2012 – Co-founded the Children’s Health and Human

Rights Partnership of Canada with Kira Antinuk, BsN,

Christopher Guest, M.D. and David Saving. CHHRP is

Canada’s first non-profit organization to deal exclusively

with genital cutting of male, female and intersex children.

2015 – Presented findings from the 2011 Global Survey

of Circumcision Harm (GSCH) at the Symposium on

Genital Autonomy: Myths and Multiple Standards in

Frankfurt, Germany.

2016 – Discussed the findings from the 2011 Global

Survey of Circumcision Harm (GSCH) as a guest of

Stefan Molyneux on his popular YouTube channel.

2016 – Presented findings from the 2011 Global Survey

of Circumcision Harm (GSCH) at the International

Conference on Men’s Issues in London, England.

2017 – Lead author, Long-term adverse outcomes from

neonatal circumcision reported in a survey of 1,008 men:

An overview of health and human rights implications.

International Journal of Human Rights March 2017,

21(02), pp. 189-218.

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Conditions Governing Access

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Conditions Governing Use

Copyright is held by the Rochester Public Library. Copyright

of the papers may be held by the authors’, or authors’ heirs or

assigns. Researchers must obtain written permission of the

holder[s] of copyright and the Rochester Public Library before

publishing quotations from materials in the collection. Most

papers may be copied in accordance with the library’s usual

procedures unless otherwise specified.

Guide to the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley Collection 2017.028

– Page 20-


Hammond, Tim. “Tim Hammond.” Global Survey of

Circumcision Harm. Accessed December 21, 2017. http://

Jordan, Susan. “On Circumcision: The First of Two Interviews

with Intactivist Tim Sally.” The Empty Closet 505, October


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Campaign materials for Tim O. Mains for Rochester City Council,


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Documents, 1983-1984 box 2 folder 9

News clippings on Tim O. Mains Council run and other gay rights

issues, 1985

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Pamphlets for gay rights organizations/projects, 1978-1984 box 2 folder 11

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