Guide to the Anne Tischer and Bess Watts
Collection on Marriage Equality 2017.021
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Rochester Area Task Force on AIDS
Records Inventory
Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley, Rochester, New York
Finding aid created by A. Kiesl, July 2016
All records relate to Rochester Area Task Force on AIDS (RATFA) events, history, and
financials. These three boxes of records came into holding at Trillium from Finger Lakes Health
Systems Agency in 2013.
RATFA Box 1 Framed
and rolled paper awards, plaques, and official announcements
presented to RATFA.
● New York State Department of Health Outstanding Service Award for Rochester Area
Task Force, 2001 (plaque)
● World AIDS Day Proclamation with City of Rochester seal, 1988 (framed)
● World AIDS Day Proclamation with seal of Monroe County Executive, 1992 (framed)
● Monroe County Legislature Certificate of Recognition for Rochester Area Task Force on
AIDS, 1996 (framed)
● World AIDS Day Proclamation from Rochester Office of the Mayor, 1999 (framed)
● Certificate of Appreciation to RATFA from AIDS Rochester, Inc. 1994 (framed)
● Rays of Hope Conference Proclamation with City of Rochester seal, 1998 (framed)
● 10year
service commendation to RATFA with City of Rochester seal, 1994 (framed)
● Rays of Hope Conference Welcome Proclamation with City of Rochester seal, 1997
● Plan for HIV/AIDS client cohort study, about 1994 (folder)
● Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency (FLHSA) work plan, 20002001
● FLHSA overview for 20012002
● FLHSA work plan, 20022003
● World AIDS Day Proclamation Certificate from NYS Governor’s office, 2007 (paper
matted certificate)
● State of New York Legislative Resolution to declare HIV/AIDS public health emergency
in minority communities with seal of NYS Assembly, 2001 (paper mat)
● Commendation to RATFA from NYS Assembly, 1994 (framed)
records pertaining to tax and financial documentation.
*On loan to Evelyn Bailey: Local AIDS history (folder), 20 years of AIDS (folder)
● RATFA Admin, 19912004
(large red expanding folder)
● Checking (Manila folder)
● Cert. Of inc. taxes (Manila folder)
● Tax exempt forms (Manila folder)
● Bylaws (Manila folder)
● Misc. (Manila folder)
● IRS (Manila folder)
● Year end planning (Manila folder)
● Work plan (Manila folder)
● New York State (Manila folder)
● Roster (Manila folder)
● AIDS institute network contract (Manila folder)
● M&t bank info (Manila folder)
● RATFA bank statements (Manila folder)
● 2010 taxesRATFA
(Manila folder)
● 2009 taxes (Manila folder)
● 2008 RATFA taxes financials (Manila folder)
● RATFA 2005 financials taxes (Manila folder)
● RATFA as tax issues (Manila folder)
● Taxes annual financial reports 19972003
(Manila folder)
● RATFA 2012 cash receipts (Manila folder)
● RATFA 2012 cash disbursements (Manila folder)
● 2011 taxesRATFA
(Manila folder)
● RATFA 2011 cash disbursements (Manila folder)
● From pats open files by window 9/16/10 LC
(Manila folder)
● RATFA 2010 disbursements (Manila folder)
● Meeting expense 2010 (Manila folder)
● Sign language 2010 (Manila folder)
● Reimbursables 2010 (Manila folder)
● Wegmans invoice 2010 (Manila folder)
● 2009 RATFA disbursements (Manila folder)
● HRI paid invoices (Manila folder)
● 2008 RATFA disbursements (Manila folder)
● 2008 invoices (Manila folder)
● RATFA city contracts (Large brown expanding folder)
● AIDS city grant voucher Jan March 2007 (Manila folder)
● RATFA city 030298 August December 06 (Manila folder)
● City grant RATFA 20062007
(Manila folder)
● RATFA City 06 (Manila folder)
● RATFA City contract 0506
vouchers (Manila folder)
of Rochester (Manila folder)
RATFA Box 3 Unidentified
pictures dating from about 19932007.
● 2 Kodak preservation disc CDs
● World AIDS Day proclamation from Office of NYS Governor Pataki, 2006 (rolled paper)
● Plastic Rubbermaid container with 17 photo envelopes containing photos and negatives
and small number of loose photos
● 1 3.5in
disk of photos, Kodak
● 34 envelopes (some from companies, other personal) of photos and negatives
● Small number of loose photographs and one photo Christmas card

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