Records Inventory

Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley, Rochester, New York


GAGV Youth Box 1: This box includes a book and binders with documents related to the GAGV Youth Program including mission statements, fliers, policies, minutes, agendas, articles, and forms.  Original organization has been preserved with materials organized in binders by subject.  Additional related youth program materials can be found in GAGV-OR-Box 1.  Inventory created February 13, 2017.



Karnes, Frances A. and Suzanne M. Bean. Leadership for Students: A guide for young leaders. Prufrock Press Inc., 2010. [This book is from the Penfield High School Library Media Center]


GAGV Youth Program Adult Volunteer Manual Binder

Gay Alliance youth Program Mission Statement

Adult volunteer training materials


Volunteer station information


GSA Resource Directory Binder


By-laws (East High School Gay-Straight Alliance)

GLSEN Terminology List

Queer, Transgender Terminology

LGBT-Inclusive materials

Guide for Parents

Information on starting a gay-straight alliance

Trans resources

Legal information

School policies

Scholarship application

Information for teachers

Information for straight allies


Miscellaneous GAGV Youth Information Binder

Mission of the GAGV Youth Group


Emergency services

Resource listings

Fliers for special events

Youth group and GSA forms

Youth website information


Volunteer Binder

Volunteer applications (blank and completed)

Volunteer time sheets


Volunteer agreement forms

GAGV mission statements


Youth Advisory Council Binder

Youth Advisory Council applications (blank and completed)



Youth Program Binder

Youth Program Mission Statement


Key research findings

National LGBT Youth Program spreadsheet

2009 GLSEN School Climate Survey

School Climate in New York Research Brief

Suicide risk and prevention for LGBT youth

Risk factors of GLB adolescents (article)

United Way Blue Print for Change

40developmental assets for adolescents

Youth-adult partnership materials

National LGBT Youth Program information


33 Youth GAGV Box 1.docx

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