On Norms and Nature

TO THE EDITOR:  (reprinted with permission from the UR CAMPUS TIMES)

What happened in the MDC lounge Saturday, December 5th? I was there; let me tell you a little about it. There were male homosexuals, female homosexuals, heterosexual women, heterosexual men, blacks and whites. What was such an unusual conglomeration of people doing in the lounge?

They were participating in the most progressive and beautiful activity I’ve ever seen on this campus.  It was the Liberation Dance sponsored by the UR Gay Liberation Front and UR Women’s Liberation. But more than a dance, it was a unique experience in human interaction, free from the rules and regulations of a society that dictates to its people what is and is not natural for them. I believe the people in attendance found out more about human nature than they ever could from one of our current textbooks.

What’s more, perhaps for the first time in their lives, these people found out what homosexuals are: a group of people who are in no other way but their sexual orientation different from any otiier group of people; people who enjoy each other’s company and who interact with each other with warmth and sincerity.

I hope to see activities like this dance continue because they are essential for the realization of liberation. Only by giving people of different backgrounds opportunities to interact with each other in settings that they mutually find natural can they see that their differences are not so great after all.

Patricia Evers

On Norms And Nature

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